If ABRAMS LANDAU says “no” to your case, we may still be able to help in the future

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If ABRAMS LANDAU says “no” to your injury, workers compensation or Social Security Disability case, we may still be able to help you and your loved ones in the future.  Chantilly Highlands area lawyer Doug Landau notes that the firm gets many calls from people who call too late for the Landau Law Shop to help.  There are also callers whose claims do not meet certain threshold requirements for engagement with the Herndon injury and disability law office.  Lastly, there are callers whose cases are in areas of related specialization where other lawyers are better suited to assist, such as Federal Workers Comp claims, Long Term Disability (“LTD”) disputes and Longshore claims.

ABRAMS LANDAU helps a select number of people each year with fatal accident, extended disability from work, permanent injury and scarring cases.  Just because the firm declines to help someone in a non-permanent injury case or “closed period of disability” claim, they are more than welcome to call us if they unfortunately get into another accident or a family member or friend becomes disabled through no fault of their own.  In cases that ABRAMS LANDAU has declined, we attempt to provide everyone who contacts us with helpful information, suggestions for lawyers in the area of law needed located close to their home.  Bottom line, even if our injury trial team cannot help you with a case right now, we can still help in future.  ABRAMS LANDAU is not a “volume shop” that advertises heavily and takes every case that walks in the door.  Because we spend so much time, effort and money in preparing our permanent disability and fatal accident cases, we can only take a few cases at a time.

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