Hiring Abrams Landau as your Attorney – What Makes Us Different ? (Hints: Courage & Transparency)

Doug Landau at Fairfax office of Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission
Lawyer Doug Landau, shown here at the Fairfax office of the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission, is often out of the office trying cases, Hearings, teaching law or medicine. Watching him “in action” and then asking questions afterwards is the best way to determine if he is the best lawyer for your injury or disability case.

Doug Landau, attorney at the Herndon law firm Abrams Landau, Ltd., finds great pride and satisfaction in helping clients obtain justice after they have been injured due to no fault of their own.  Whether a case of personal injury, workers’ compensation, premises liability or Social Security disability, Landau’s goal is to zealously represent each and every client. But every lawyer claims to be “Super” or “Aggressive” or “Experienced,” so how do you know who is “the real deal ?”  How do injured victims determine which lawyer is best for their case ?

See Landau in Action

We find one of the best ways to help our clients is for them to see Landau in action.  This means watching him try a case, conduct a Hearing, teaching other lawyers, presenting brain injury prevention at local schools, etc.  The best way to see if the lawyer is as good as he/she says she is is to actually see them “in action.”  This is why we publish Doug’s schedule each month and invite clients — current and prospective — to come watch.

By seeing what actually happens in the courtroom, the client (and their family) is more prepared, less nervous, and able to better navigate the process. Plus, we schedule time after each trial, Hearing, speech and race so that Doug can answers the questions of those clients, potential clients and others who have taken time out of their busy lives to educate themselves as to the process and may have seen things that they want to know more about while still fresh in their minds.  “We know of no other law firm in the United States that has these “open book”  and “homework” policies; having a public calendar and encouraging clients and their families to come to court to see the best lawyers in Virginia try real cases terrifies most attorneys,” notes lawyer Landau.

Schedule an Appointment

There are times, however, when a dedicated meeting time with your attorney is appropriate.  Because Landau is frequently out of the office — in court actually trying cases — it is critical that clients call ahead to schedule an appointment.  Our office staff is well-trained to answer most questions not involving legal advice and can always assist with non-emergent calls.  In fact, Landau routinely checks in to the office and is able to receive messages on a timely basis.  Should you have an emergency, please call the office right away (703-796-9555) and Landau will be notified as soon as possible.


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