Herndon Super Lawyer Doug Landau listed with Winners in the Fall 2007 edition of the Neurotransmitter, a publication of The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation.

of Doug Landau and his family.  In 2007, he once again participated in the individual category (winning the 40-49 age group, and finishing in the top 10 overall).   The Fall 2007 Neurotransmitter pointed out that the race course has its own “heartbreak hill” with members of the Capitol Seadevils Swim Team posted so that no competitors get lost in the woods !  (at pp.1,6)


Doug Landau has previously competed as a “solo” and then as a team with his eldest daughter.  He accomplished this crazy feat by crossing the finish line after his 525 yard swim and 3.1 mile cross country run efforts just in time to jump in the pool and swim the opening leg and then jog alongside his daughter !  The race takes place on the beautiful campus of the Madeira School in McLean.  He usually “spots” the fast high school swimmers several minutes by getting lapped in the pool.  But once on dry land, the fleet-footed “Trial Lawyer Triathlete” uses his experience and strength to “reel in” all the fish that thought they had “gotten away !”


While the “Triathlon Trial Lawyer” is often in the hunt for the top overall prize, two years ago he competed in, and WON the Sport & Health Clubs annual “Super Sprint Triathlon” at 7 AM and then, after collecting his awards, began the Madeira Biathlon at 10 AM, winning his age group and finishing 4th overall !  He then went to a well-deserved lunch with faculty members with who he has worked as a Science Fair Judge.  We know of no other athlete who competed in TWO multisport races in different cities on the same day.  And to be a winner in both, suggests that maybe Doug Landau is as good of a triathlete as he is Trial Lawyer.


For more information about this wonderful non-profit organization and their innovative fund-raising events: HTTP://www.childhoodbraintumorfoundation.org and for more information about the Spring Biathlon, go to https://www.childhoodbraintumor.org/events.html

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