Herndon Reston brain and spine injury lawyer Doug Landau finally meets Ryan Lahuti in Silver Spring, Maryland

Landau___Lahuti_shake.jpegAbout a year after speaking with several clients of the Lahuti Law firm, Doug Landau stopped by to see this Maryland attorney and CPA at his office at 8720 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring.  I had visited his Falls Church office in order to meet the staff at the office he shares with our good friend and Maryland trial lawyer Brian Lee.  We had been interacting with Mr. Lahuti’s staff in order to help several young men with permanent spine injuries.  With his volume practice and several satellite offices, Mr.  Lahuti and his wife are hard to catch up with, but Landau arranged to meet with the peripatetic lawyer after helping a client at an orthopedic doctor’s visit.  ABRAMS LANDAU was called upon to help this disabled worker by the Maryland lawyer’s office last spring.  Since that time, the Herndon Reston brain and spine injury lawyer Doug Landau has been helping the client through his disc surgery, rehabilitation and therapy.  Virginia spine injury lawyer Landau has also spent time meeting with the doctors of another client from the Lahuti firm who has lost the use of his legs in a vehicle rollover accident.

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