Herndon Reston area lawyer Doug Landau Presidential Election Poll Observer

Poll_watcher_dkwl.jpegVolunteering has long been a part of Doug Landau’s contribution to the community.  He has been a Soccer Coach, Rotary Club Speech and Essay Contest Judge, Red Cross Blood Donor, Fairfax Bar Association “Ask a Lawyer” Booth participant, Circuit Court Tour Guide, Chamber of Commerce Speaker, High Schools Science Fair Judge, Soccer Tournament Field Marshall, “Friday Night Live” Security Crew Member, and Race Volunteer.

However,  here’s a first.  Lawyer Landau was authorized by the Office of the Electoral Board of Fairfax County, Virginia to be a “Poll Watcher” for the Democratic Party.  Because of bad weather and worse traffic, Doug ditched his car and ran to the Cooper Middle School in McLean in order to close the polls and watch the counting of the ballots.  There were electronic voting machines, Optical Scanning Devices and Provisional ballots.  The Herndon Reston area lawyer was able to see first-hand how the actual counting and transmission of the totals is accomplished.

“It was fascinating.  We were not allowed to use cell phones, blackberries, etc., so I had no idea who had won any election until I was driven back to my car after 11:00.  In the precinct where I was the observer, Senator McCain won the voting on both kinds of ballots.  I did not know that Senator Obama had been elected until I finally got gas in Tysons Corner ! I was provided with materials and the laws relative to elections, in case there were any problems or ‘mis-counts.’  However, I was lucky to be assigned to a polling station with experienced and efficient poll workers.  It was wonderful to see such excitement and so many people turn out to exercise their Constitutional right to vote.  I was disappointed to see that many people only voted for the Congressional or Senate seats and not for the Presidential race.  There were also a few ‘write ins,’ including some for people who had dropped out of the race long ago.  It was a wonderful, exhausting and unforgettable night.”

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