Herndon Plane Crash and Small Aircraft Travel

In the wee hours of the morning late last month, a small plane crashed into an apartment building in Herndon, Virginia.  Thankfully, the injuries sustained by the pilot and passenger were not life threatening, and no one on the ground was permanently injured.  Some residents were displaced and the plane was severely damaged.  The crash occurred as the plane was en route to Dulles International Airport for an emergency landing because the craft was low on fuel.  The engine cut off over nearby Herndon.

While Herndon trial lawyer Doug Landau has traveled in small and private aircraft, he was never in a situation where they were running out of gas.  Lawyer Landau has experienced terrible storms while flying in Costa Rica and difficult conditions in West Virginia, but never had to make an emergency landing.  There have been forced overnight stays in Roanoke, Tri-Cities and Texas, due to unsafe flying conditions. Tomorrow’s post will look at the where and why of Landau’s small plane travel.


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