He Gave So Much, Including Our Daily Bread – Jack Corkey

We are “down wind” from a remarkable place. Something that every client, defense counsel, insurance adjuster and judge agreed upon when they came to the Landau Law Shop in Herndon, Virginia, was that the bakery down the block gave out free samples of “darned good bread.” So it is with sadness that I recount that Jack Corkey, of the Herndon Great Harvest Bread bakery, was found dead after going for a run Sunday. My remarkable friend, neighbor and baker always had a smile for my clients, opponents, staff and me.  He and his wife Laurie could be found volunteering at all the local races handing out slices of bread, muffins, pretzels and other healthy treats. Every runner, biker, skater, walker who ever stopped in town probably tasted something at Jack and Laurie’s shop.

Jack Corkey was truly "Mr. Incredible" - a neighbor, a "darned good" baker and my friend
Jack Corkey was truly "Mr. Incredible" - a neighbor, a "darned good" baker and my friend

My staff accuses me of going there 3-4 times each week (which is nearly every day, as they are closed on Monday and I travel to try cases for injured athletes and others all over the country). I must confess, that there were times I just needed a “pick me up” from my friend and neighbor, and so I would take a short walk down the block, to clear my head, think through a difficult case or just take in some air. For details on this extraordinary gentleman’s life, services and donations, please go to The Athletes Lawyer website for my first and second posts on this sad note.

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