Halloween Safety Tips

pose a tripping hazard.

  • Choose flame retardant material for costumes.
  • It goes without saying that children should trick-or-treat in groups, with parent supervision.  But parents should also remind their children of some other important tips:

    • Never get into the car of a stranger.
    • Always cross the street at an intersection, after looking both ways.
    • Never dart out into the street from between parked cars.
    • Always tell your parents where you plan to go — especially important for teens who may go out without a parent.
    • Vandalism (e.g., throwing eggs at houses or cars) is punishable by law — not to mention it is WRONG!  Do not do it!
    • When trick-or-treating with younger children, hold their hands when crossing the street.
    • Do not approach a house that is dark.  Only visit houses whose porch lights are lit.
    • Exercise caution around lit candles on crowded porches and walkways.

    And, of course, once the trick-or-treaters return home with their booty, moms and dads should get involved with the candy consumption. Yes, of course you can sneak a few pieces for yourself, but in addition, parents should:

    • Check through candy for signs of spoilage or tampering.
    • Limit the amount of candy your child eats in a day.  Help him savor his goodies by spreading them out over the days and weeks ahead!
    • Suggest your child donate some of his candy for care packages for our troops.  We have even heard of some parents buying back their children’s candy!  Some dental practices also offer candy buy-back programs in their quest for cavity prevention!
    • Consider freezing some of the candy or baking with it.

    For a complete list of Halloween safety tips, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics website.


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