Free Safety Videos for Power Tool Users and Injury Prevention

Saw injuries can be devastating, permanent and disabling.  For those who use circular saws, table saws, mitre saws and other dangerous power tools, the Power Tool Institute (“PTI”) has safety presentations that can be viewed online – click here. The safety demonstrations, available, at no charge, in English or Spanish, are:

  • “Power Tool Accidents — They Can Be Prevented,”
  • “Circular Saw Safety,”
  • “Table Saw Safety” and
  • “Miter Saw Safety”

Click here for the PTI video site.

Having seen countless finger amputation cases, grocery store hand and digit lacerations and workplace degloving injuries, workers comp and disability lawyer Doug Landau of the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU hopes that these saw safety films will help prevent future power tool injuries at work and at home. Small companies might want to make use of these workplace safety videos in order to reduce worker injury and time loss. According to the staff at the Landau Law Shop, newer workers especially seem to encounter a greater number of permanent injuries during their first weeks on the job. Showing safety films such as those produced by the Power Tool Institute may help rookie employees in the construction and crafts trades avoid unnecessary and foreseeable injury

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