“Fire Safety Tips from Fairfax Fire and Rescue

multiple appliances to be plugged into one electrical outlet.
• Inspect all electrical cords and make sure they are in good condition.
• If you use a lot of extension cords, consider having an electrician install additional circuits or outlets.
• Never tie or knot electrical cords.
• Never sit furniture on electrical cords.
• Follow all manufacturers instructions for plugging appliances into electrical outlets.

During the winter, people use portable heaters and other heating devices in order to heat their homes. The over usage of these devices especially the ones that are not updated can cause them to overheat, which is why it is crucial to update your appliances and other technologies. As spring approaches, the usage of air conditioners and fans will increase making it even more paramount to update these devices.It is important to take these tips into consideration to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones before it is too late. If you or any loved ones have any questions regarding these tips please call or e-mail us at the Landau Law Shop.

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