Fast facts for food injury and poisoning cases

“Preserve the evidence.” If there is any uneaten or unused portion left, place it in a ziploc back, seal it, date it and put it in a safe place in the refrigerator.

“Take pictures.” Take photographs of the food or product as soon as possible. Take pictures of the wrappers, packaging, receipt, bags, and any other items associated with the meal, product or food.

“Save the Paper.” Save the receipt, bill, credit card receipt, proof of purchase, and any other paper associated with the meal or product. In one case Herndon Trial Lawyer Doug Landau had against a major grocery chain, the store denied that the food came from their frozen food aisle. Super Lawyer Landau’s client was a “Super Saver” and he had not only the receipt for the pre-packaged dinner, but he also had the shopping bags that said, “EXTRA VALUE IN EVERY BAG” !

“Seek medical help immediately.” See your doctor. Alert the Health Department so that others are not poisoned or sickened. They may require blood, urine and/or stool samples. This may enable the authorities to track down the source of the contamination or defective food products. Virginia Trial Lawyer Doug Landau recommends that you do not delay treatment, medication or follow up appointments. At Abrams Landau, Ltd., we see too many cases where the delay in medical care also means that there is no competent medical or expert evidence to support or prove the claims of the injured victims. Furthermore, the Defense lawyers for the negligent food sellers, suppliers and manufacturers will contend that you failed to “mitigate your damages” if you do not take reasonable steps to take care of yourself and your family

.“Seek legal advice.” If you are disabled from work or your normal activities of daily living, call someone with experience with food poisoning and injury cases. Herndon Lawyer Doug Landau points out that delay in these cases can be fatal to the claim. Find out what your legal rights are and what deadlines apply to your case. The time limits vary from state to state to state. Plus, the Best Lawyers in America have access to state, local and nationwide groups, listServs on the Internet and networks of experts that can help you, prevent others from also getting injured and suffering needlessly and save you time and money.

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  1. kim dowe

    I was recently poisoned by eating a raw burger from mc donald’s restaurant it gave me loose stool, vomiting, and parasites, bloating and gastritis, ever since my stomach has not gone down and the bloating has me looking pregnant when my tubes are tied. i don’t have a bloated stomach daily, i cant say how uncomfortable this is for me and it is bad because my back is bothering me due to the weight of my stomach and i cant wear my clothes decently without looking pregnant. I am seeing a gastro specialist and i really am mad at mc donald’s for serving me this food, i was driving home in the dark when i started eating the burger i only live a few minutes away and i had eaten half of the burger by the time i got home and thought maybe it didnt taste good because it was kinda cold so i got home and popped it in the microwave on 45 seconds, sat on the couch and began to take a bit & then i noticed the outside was burned and the inside was raw i took a snap shot before i headed back up there to make a big complaint because in about shortly after i started getting abdominal pain and gas vomiting and loose stool and a headache, then i went to the emergency room. need a lawyer that can help in this case Mc donald’s should not be serving undercooked raw meat to anybody there are worms, parasites and bugs that thrive in meat and it should not be eating in a raw state to prevent infections and stomach malfunctions, no one should have to suffer a day due to getting food when hungry, restaurants should make sure they are serving the food right before they attempt to take your money and leave you suffering vomitting and sick!!! if you can help please reply to my email address Thank You.

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