Do Your Civic Duty – Vote tomorrow

No matter what candidate or referendum you support, it is your important civic duty to get to the polls and VOTE !

Jury Duty and Voting are the cornerstones of our Democracy. Election Day is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6th, so get out and VOTE !

Even an inactive couch potato knows that this is a critical election year and we urge all registered voters to please exercise the right to vote.  Do not let others choose who represents your interests and who make the decisions that will impact your and your families’ futures. This is also an important year for organized labor.  We urge our union brothers and sisters to contact their unions for their endorsed candidates.  Vote for candidates that support a strong middle class, a safe workplace, equal wages for equal work and the collective bargaining process.

If you need polling place information, please visit your state governments’ home page.  I ask that every one of our clients, friends and associates please vote.

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