Crash victim with spinal cord injuries awarded $2.2 million for bedsores from hospital stay

Bedsores, or decubitus ulcers, are a constant concern for those ABRAMS LANDAU clients with disabling injuries and paralysis.  Doug Landau’s clients and family members who are bedridden after an accident or surgery, are at risk for bedsores if not properly rotated, turned and positioned.  Lawyer Landau has won permanent total disability cases for injuries made much worse by decubitus ulcers.

A jury has ordered Westchester Medical Center to pay $2.2 million to a quadriplegic man who got horrific bedsores while staying at the hospital after a car crash in 2005.  According to news reports, Eric Trainor, a 30-year-old former construction worker from Putnam County, was awarded the amount last month for pain and suffering, following a civil trial in state Supreme Court in White Plains.  His lawyer said the hospital’s failure to turn Trainor every two hours during his six-week stay – and the failure of the Defendant doctor to ensure that care – caused the disabled plaintiff to develop “stage four” bedsores on his buttocks and lower back. “They were all the way down to the bone,” plaintiff’s counsel said. “They were huge.”  The plaintiff, who lives with his parents, suffered for years from the bedsores, which had to be surgically closed.  The sores delayed his physical rehabilitation so much that he lost the chance to build upper-body strength.  Trainor was riding to a construction job with another contractor when their car skidded on ice and crashed in Dutchess County in 2005. He was taken to Westchester Medical Center with a spinal cord injury; he could move his head, neck and shoulders, but little else. Because of the injury, he couldn’t feel the bedsores developing. The money would help provide for the Plaintiff’s three young children, replace his battery-powered wheelchair and allow him to buy a special van.  The jury granted the award following a seven-day trial.

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