Continuing Abrams Landau Tradition of “Come See Us In Action!”

The Virginia Workers Compensation Commission’s Northern Virginia Regional Office is NOT in a courthouse but in a tall office building off Sudley Road, just off of Interstate 66. Doug Landau encourages clients, their families, and witnesses to visit the venues where their cases will be tried well BEFORE their court dates. The Hearing site is behind Landau’s right shoulder.

As the only Law Firm that requests clients, families, and even witnesses to come see us “in action,” it was gratifying to see several this month come to a Worker’s Compensation Hearing in Manassas. this case was unusual as the injured client was also the company’s owner! Because of the sensitive nature of their work, no photographs, diagrams, or measurements of the fall could be used in court. The written decision in their case was received just two weeks after the Hearing. They were entered an Award including past wage loss, transportation expenses and were provided the “foundation” for future compensation for permanent impairment, partial wage loss, and treatment. 

During COVID, Doug Landau grew a beard when there were no “live” Hearings or trials. Once the pandemic was beginning to abate, and live Hearings and trials resumed, Landau and the Abrams Landau team would send dates, times, and places for clients to come and see their experienced counsel “in action” without the beard!

Doug Landau requests clients who do not suffer from severe brain injury to come to court. This allows them to see him try a case BEFORE their all-important “day in court” and reduce their anxiety. Real cases are not like what you see on television or in the movies. Real cases do not have commercial breaks; they do not finish in the half-hour; and there are lots of “hurry up and wait!” Lawyer Landau subscribes to the strategy that “the best surprise is NO surprise.” Professional sports teams send scouts to research the venue and the opposition; why wouldn’t a lawyer and client do the same? It takes more time, effort, and money.  However, the “dividends” are immense, for counsel, the trial team, the client, and their family.

True to form, Landau makes sure EVERYONE at ABRAMS LANDAU has been to court to see actual cases tried for their injured clients. Here, Education Intern Niki Muppidi is shown with Landau outside the Manassas Hearing Center in Prince William County, Virginia.
Everyone on the Abrams Landau team has been to court to see “the finished product” of their efforts. This also allows the team to answer clients’ questions about what to expect. Lawyer Landau firmly believes that having clients and their families go to court to see him and his team “in action,” helps them feel more confident in their cases, ready for their testimony, and able to understand the legal process.
The clients know where to park, how to behave, and what questions will likely be asked. This reduces anxiety and often prompts excellent questions and suggestions before their court date. Landau notes, “No client has ever told us that they did not learn by coming to watch us try cases, or that they felt less prepared by doing so. Landau expresses that he wishes more lawyers had the courage to have their clients see what they actually do BEFORE that particular client’s case is tried. 
Doug Landau caught up with former Worldgate Masters Swim Coach Ryan Frost at the East Coast Triathlon Festival. Ryan now coaches for the wonderful Team Endorphins, who were the host club for the East Coast Triathlon Festival State and National Championship Races.

In addition to letting clients know when and where we are trying cases, teaching, giving speeches, and traveling, Landau also enjoys meeting with past and present clients before and after races nationwide. He’s even met with a client in Australia after the World Championships who became a lawyer with his settlement that the Abrams Landau team helped to achieve! Recently, Landau met with lawyers and clients while participating in the East Coast Triathlon Festival. In addition to being the venue for the Youth and Junior National Championships, this was also where the Virginia Super Sprint Triathlon Championships took place.

vvvLandau had appointments all three days he was in Richmond. As a result of his trying to race his way back to form after a year of injuries and illnesses in 2023, he managed to finish 2nd in the State Championships behind his good friend and Kinetic Multisports Vice President of Operations, Don White. Don “White Lightning” is also currently in 1st place in the Kinetic Multisports Series for their age group, with Landau in 2nd. In the future, Landau will be competing in Rock Hall, Maryland in the Sprint Triathlon on June 2nd, where his time trial and draft legal bikes will be transported to Nationals. He then leaves for the USAT Multisport Festival National Championship in Omaha, Nebraska, on June 5th, as he is entered in the Sprint and Supersprint Triathlon (S-375M, B-10 km, R-2.5 km) and Duathlon (Run-Bike-Run) events, as well as the individual medley.
When Landau participated in the USAT Multisport Festival 3 years ago in Texas, he competed in 4 races, and qualified for the World Championships in 3 events! He hopes to have similar success, even though he is not competing in the mixed-team relay and is not as fit as he was when he last attempted to qualify for the World Championships in this multi-race format. After Nationals, Landau will be competing at the Stissing Sprint Triathlon in Pine Plains, New York; the Terramuggus Sprint Triathlon in Marlborough, Connecticut; and the Litchfield Hills Olympic distance triathlon in New Hartford, Connecticut, before returning to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Four generations of the Landau family traditionally celebrate lawyer Landau’s birthday, and his wife’s birthday (July 3rd) by gathering together for the Independence Day holiday.