Choosing a Bank that Helps Those in Need

If you could select your bank based on its commitment to helping those in need, would you do it?

For ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. the answer is YES!

Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA for short) is a program where lawyers holding client funds, which are either too small or too short-term for an individual interest-bearing account, deposit the funds into a special bank account containing similar funds from other lawyers.  The interest generated from the pooled funds is then donated to support legal aid for the needy.

Congressional Bank is one of less than a dozen banks in the DC area that goes above and beyond the legal requirement for an IOLTA account to pay interest at rates comparable to other similarly situated accounts.  In a program called “Prime Partners”, these banks pay a higher rate of interest, thereby sending more money to support DC’s legal aid network.

Lawyer Doug Landau says, “Opening my firm’s IOLTA account at Congressional Bank was a no-brainer. Why would I not choose a bank whose goal of helping those in need aligns with my own?”

If you would like more information on donating to legal aid programs for the needy, email or call ABRAMS LANDAU at 703-796-9555.

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