Child’s head injury from dog bite attack results in settlement for Herndon Virginia personal injury lawyer Doug Landau’s client, part 2

In this case, which arose as the result of a four-year-old child being attacked and mauled by a dog at his day care operator’s home, the Abrams Landau trial team’s ability to function in a number of jurisdictions was put to the test !..
Recently voted again as on of Virginia and Washington, D.C.’s “Super Lawyers” Doug Landau visited with the entire family at their church in the Tidewater area of Virginia. Landau was able to combine this visit, in a setting that would be comforting to the family, with his meetings with Virginia Beach personal injury lawyers and participation in the competitive Breezy Point Triathlon at the Naval Air base.  After the General District Court case was concluded, this military family re-located to California.  Furthermore, the child’s father was deployed to Iraq.  Herndon head and brain injury lawyer Doug Landau was also confronted with the military wanting payment for the medical care it had rendered to this child to outside private doctors, but there being no bills for some of the services provided on the base.

The Abrams Landau team has experience with helping children, their families, the victims of dog attacks and bite injuries, and even re-paying the military and other government agencies.  One of the reasons it is believed that Herndon injury lawyer Doug Landau  was selected to be in the book “The Best Lawyers in America,” is because he can help people in many places and many ways.  In this case, the move to California made the case more complicated, but the Abrams Landau team was able to retain a medical expert who gave values to the military medical treatment.  Furthermore, once Landau was able to get the case settled in the Fairfax, Virginia Circuit Court through a procedure that is in place for the protection of his young clients, without the parents or children having to incur the expense of flying in from the West Coast.

The Court approved the settlement of this child’s dog bite head injury case with the use of a “Guardian ad Litem.”  This neutral attorney helps the court in determining whether an underage dog attack victim’s personal injury settlement is fair and in their best interests.  In this case, the child will have a tax-free settlement to invest and pay for college education.  Child injury lawyer Doug Landau hopes that this client, his brother and his wonderful family can put the nightmare of the dog mauling behind them and move on with their new lives in California.  We also wish the Major a safe return from his service in Iraq.

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