Can both sides of a single bike crash win jury verdicts in Virginia ?

from injuries sustained in the June 2000 race won a verdict against the race sponsor and director. More recently, the driver he smashed into won a jury verdict when she was able to show that these same Defendants were negligent. The fatal crash occurred at one of only two intersections on the bike course in which the cyclist did not have the right of way. A Blacksburg policeman was stationed at the other intersection, which was controlled by a stoplight. However, there was no policeman to control traffic at this intersection.

The Athletes Lawyer Doug Landau also notes that there were no warning signs for motorists. The race sponsor failed to notify the university police of the triathlon. Since the intersection where the bike crash occurred is on the University campus, the college police would have been responsible for controlling traffic, if the race sponsor had given them advance notice of the triathlon’s course and time. Since the race sponsor and director had not given the University warning of the triathlon, the verdict for the cyclist’s family was against these two Defendants only, and not the University, their police or the driver.

This was the opposite result of the case handled by TriathlonTrialLawyer Doug Landau as the result of the high-speed crash on the bike course of the Eagleman Half Iron Man Triathlon. The injured triathlete brought a claim NOT against the race director or sponsors of the race. They were not negligent or “at fault” for the bike crash. Instead, the disabled biker sought damages from the driver of the car that smashed into him after the Defendant driver ignored the triathlon volunteers’ instructions, race signs, road conditions and pre-race notices. In that case, the experienced race director and sponsors had:
(1) given notice to the town and roadway authorities where the Blackwater race was to take place;
(2) closed intersections along the triathlon bike course;
(3) police and/or volunteers posted to monitor and control traffic on the triathlon race route;
(4) signs posted on the day of the sports event and even prior to this perennially sold-out Maryland athletic competition.

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