Be safe around power lines overhead

Extra caution is required when working at heights around power lines
Extra caution is required when working at heights around electric power lines

Keeping your distance from overhead power lines can turn out to be a matter of life and death, warns electrocution and electrification injury lawyer Doug Landau.  Overhead power lines are “live” and uninsulated.  Inadvertent contact with an overhead power line can cause a serious permanent or even fatal injuries.  Landau has represented families who have lost loved ones when bucket trucks have accidentally touched power lines; when rescuers have touched metal parted of “electrified” construction equipment; and, where electrical wires were mis-labeled, causing permanent burns, scars and disability.

In order to protect yourself, your family, neighbors and those who visit and work on your property you might want to start by taking an inventory of all the power lines in your yard and along the road to your property.  Make it a habit to look up before you begin any outdoor job. Maintain safe clearances at all times. See tomorrow’s post with a SAFETY CHECKLIST .

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