Alcohol and Caffeine combo “Four Loko” causes coma, injuries and death

In connection without the teen’s death, Texas authorities arrested a convenience store clerk for selling the controversial alcoholic energy drink Four Loko to a group of teenagers involved in a car wreck that left a teenage girl dead.  The name “Four Loko” may be a reference to the fact that it is the equivalent of 4 beers in one can and may cause someone drinking it to act “crazy” (or “loco” in Spanish).  It is not an energy drink, ergogonic aid, but in fact caffeinated alcohol.  In the medical profession, it causes one to be a “wide awake drunk.”  Like those who mix “Red Bull” and other flavored high caffeine drinks with alcohol in order to fuel their late-night drinking, this can be a deadly combination.

For your and your family’s safety, have a serious conversation about these caffeinated alcoholic beverages.  Plus, as you will see in tomorrow’s post, if you have a party at your home where this is served, you as the parent host, could end up in trouble with law enforcement authorities !

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