ABRAMS LANDAU small building – What will be in there next ?

Clients and counsel have often asked me, “What’s in the small building you own next door ?”

When the main building (known in the past as “Powell’s boarding house”) was purchased by Mr. Barron, it was uninhabitable. So he built the smaller structure to live in until the house at 865 Station Street (our original address, until the Town of Herndon made us change it to 797 Center Street) was livable. The skilled carpenter and cabinet maker Barron then moved in, and his parents resided for a time in the small building.

Thereafter, when ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. acquired the property from Mr. Barron, there was a CPA in the smaller structure and the law firm occupied the big house. Next a photographer retrofitted the space to put in his studio, and then a skilled Thai Massage practitioner, Michael Dumas, moved in.  Mr. Dumas, who has helped a number of people with injuries, ailments and disabling conditions, will be traveling abroad, furthering his studies, so the little building will hopefully soon be occupied by a new and interesting tenant. There are no signs posted, because the last time we put up a sign, Keller William Realtor Melissa Landau noted, “we got calls every day for people to live here as a residence !” So, if you know a small business that is interested in being in the Downtown Historic District of Herndon, have them e-mail us or give us a call at 703-796-9555.

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