A good deed a day…

Herndon car crash lawyer Doug Lanau getting a "jump on his day"
Virginia bike and car crash lawyer Doug Landau getting a "jump on his day" at the Herndon Community Center

There have been posts about Herndon disability, car crash and dog bite lawyer Doug Landau doing good things in Court. However, in addition to volunteering his time and donating time, money, clothing, books and other items to charity, Herndon lawyer Landau tries to do other “good deeds” each day. Today was no exception. On his way to work, Landau was asked by a stranded mother and her several small children if he could get her car started. Landau usually carries first aid kits, extra clothes, blankets and jumper cables in his infamous bright yellow xTerra. The Herndon car crash and motorcycle accident attorney was able to eventually get this woman and her kids on their way, and unblock other vehicles trapped near the Herndon Community Center after rush hour. While lawyer Landau feels more “at home” in Court or on the race course, when he can help someone in need, he tries to do so, and make someone’s day a little better.

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