COLA for disability benefits

2015 COLA Notices Sent Out

Hey Lawyer Landau, Why am I getting notice from the court that I can get some soda?

This question came through our office many times this week!

“COLA” Does Not Mean Soda

COLA for disability benefits
COLA — cost of living adjustments — can add up to tens of thousands of dollars for a disabled worker collecting benefits.

Many Workers’ Compensation clients of the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., received notification this past weekend that they are entitled to COLA.

This does not mean they should line up for big gulps of Pepsi or Coca-Cola, but rather, due to the AWARD Landau won for them, they may be entitled to an increase in their weekly or biweekly compensation checks.

COLA stands for cost of living adjustment Tied to the consumer price index and other economic factors, COLA allows an injured worker’s compensation checks to keep pace with the rate of inflation. Herndon workplace injury lawyer Doug Landau has seen COLA rates as high as 6.1% and as low as 0.25%.

“It is shocking how many lawyers are unaware of this law and its potential benefits for their disabled clients,” notes Landau.


In one case, an injured worker came to our Law Shop after having been represented by another general practice law firm for many years. After we won the past COLA entitlement, the worker received a tax-free check for $14,000, and went out and bought a new car with it. “The shame of it is there’s no interest on COLA payments, otherwise she would’ve gotten even more money!” adds Landau.

“In a fatal injury case that may go up to 500 weeks, or other long term disability claims, cost-of-living adjustments can add up to many tens of thousands of dollars,” notes Landau.


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