Airport Luggage Tug Drivers May Have More Than One Case When Injured at the Airport

When a luggage tug or tractor falls over, the driver may have several potential claims as a result of this airport accident. If the cart is overturned because of a maintenance problem, and the maintenance personnel work for the same airline or company, the driver is generally limited to Worker’s Compensation benefits. Workers compensation is an administrative system that provides for medical care, partial wage replacement, and some other benefits.

If, on the other hand, there was a crash with another vehicle on the air operations area (AOA), being driven by an employee of a refueling contractor, construction truck, food service provider or other third-party, there may be a an opportunity to get more complete reimbursement for all of the losses. This would be through a third-party lawsuit, or negligence case. The claim would be for the unsafe driving of the other car, truck or other airport vehicle. In this instance, the injured tug driver might be able to get Worker’s Compensation benefits, and also then get more complete restitution through the lawsuit.

If the tow driver was permanently disabled from returning not only to his airport job, but any other job found in the national economy, then he or she could also apply for Social Security disability benefits.

Because of the special rules for accidents and injuries at the airports, it is critical that the injured luggage tug driver get experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. Getting good medical care, and top shelf legal advice, are the combination to help prevent catastrophic loss of legal rights and health.

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