Texas Judges Release Music Video About COVID with Hamilton-Inspired Song

While not normally recognized for their singing or comedic talent, the federal judges sometimes show some terrific skills off the bench. The federal judges of the Southern District of Texas put together a wonderful music video regarding the lack of injury trials and in-person court appearances during the pandemic. Borrowing music from the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, these judges show an amazing vocal range and keen sense of humor.

Taken from one of attorney Doug Landau’s favorite songs from the musical, “We’ll Be Back” should win a bench bar award or other accolades. It certainly shows a side of the judges most of the public would not normally see or appreciate.

This video struck home for the Abrams Landau law team as our next airport injury jury trial has now been re-set for May of 2021. This will mean that the innocent victim of a car crash on the airport grounds will have to wait several years for his “day in court.” And this is a crash caught on TWO camera systems, so it is not in question as to who’s fault it is.

Since the insurance company does not want to have to pay any money until the very last moment, they would not agree to: mediation, arbitration, or even a “bench trial,” meaning no jury and just a judge, which could be heard a lot sooner, as a jury would not need to be impaneled. As bad as this delay sounds, the Fairfax Circuit Court, arguably the largest court jurisdiction in the Commonwealth of Virginia, announced no civil jury trials until 2022. So it is with this in mind that Doug Landau needed a laugh and welcomed the Texas federal and appellate judges’ excellent video.