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Which Airlines Have Blocked Middle Seats?

As the pandemic continues and traveling becomes inevitable for some, airlines and customers alike have been trying to navigate the unknowns with as much precaution as possible. All major U.S. airlines have required passengers to wear masks, but not all airlines have blocked the middle seats for flights.

Once the pandemic hit, most airlines showed inconsistency in blocking middle seats. Some would not require it but say they would prioritize it depending on the flight, while United Airlines never stated they would block the sale of middle seats to provide more social distancing in the air.

Now, Delta, Southwest, JetBlue and Alaska airlines do not sell middle seats while United, Spirit and American do as demand allows. JetBlue will extend their commitment for open middle seats through October 15, and Southwest and Alaska have extended their commitments through October 31, although Alaska says it may make exceptions for unforeseen circumstances, such as accommodating fliers from a previously canceled flight. Delta has promised to leave adjacent seats open through January 6.

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