United Airlines Merger with Continental Keeps PetSafe Program – Dangerous Dog Breeds Present Unnecessary Risk of Harm to Airport Workers

from San Diego to New York. A dog identified as a Pit Bull broke out of its kennel and wreaked havoc in the cargo hold. This Pit Bull chewed through the plane’s electrical system, causing a potential safety issue, not to mention thousands of dollars in damage. Had the plane crashed and the souls inside been lost, there would have been significant litigation against the air carrier. According to sources at United Airlines, similar events have occurred in recent years on other airlines, in which dogs identified as Pits have escaped from their kennels in flight and chewed wiring on the planes.

Herndon airport injury lawyer Doug Landau agrees with the Airlines’ policy regarding dangerous dogs, primates (monkeys and apes) and other animals. Pit Bulls were bred by the Romans to fight and their massively strong jaws made them effective against larger animals in spectacles in the Roman Colloseum. Lawyer Landau was also taught that the monkeys he worked with at the laboratories of Columbia Presbyterian Neurological Institute could kill him if they escaped.  Because of the seriousness of the injuries that could be inflicted, reason dictates that these risks should be eliminated as much as possible.  The greater the harm that can be caused, the greater the precautions that must be taken.  To those dog owners who say this police is unfair, or “breed profiling,” I respond that it is no more unjust than allowing concealed pistol permits but not bazooka or flame thrower permits.

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