Abrams Landau is a respected voice in the legal community. The following are selected speeches from Doug Landau’s impressive portfolio, even some links to the full text. Please contact us if you would like more information about any of these presentations, or if you’d like to inquire about Mr. Landau’s participation in or availability for future events. Since the 1990s, he has published in peer reviewed journals, taught and spoken for non-profit groups only.

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Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA)
Annual Convention, Speaker, Social Security Disability Program
Winning Trial Techniques – Pick Your Battles
July 2005, Toronto, Canada

Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (VTLA)
Annual Tort Law CLE Seminar
Tort Law Play Book: Setting Out Your Game Plan for a Winning Case
May 2005, Roanoke, Richmond and Fairfax, VA

Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (VTLA)
Annual Convention, Sponsor and Moderator, “Law Office Interchange”
April 1, 2005, Hot Springs, VA

Supreme Court of Virginia
New Judge training
March 2005, Richmond, VA


Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA)
Annual Convention, Speaker
Wheelchair passengers and accidents in hotel courtesy vans and shuttles
July 2004, Boston, MA

ATLA. Social Security Disability Law Section
Presenter, Preparing & Presenting Your Case Before the Administrative Law Judge
July 2004, Boston, MA

Virginia Workers Compensation Commission (VWCC), 7th Annual Seminar,
Panel Topic: Elaboration on the concepts of “arising out of” and “in the course of,” presentation on “Exposure to Heat, Cold, Weather and Contagious Diseases
September, 2004, Richmond, VA

VTLA Advanced Auto Retreat, Presenter
Proof of Pain at Trial
July 2004, Boar’s Head Inn, Charlottesville, VA


Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA), Mid-Winter meeting, Speaker
February 2003, Maui, HI


Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA), Annual Convention, Speaker
Litigation at Sunrise
Montreal, Canada

VTLA Fall Fiesta 2002, Presenter
Inexpensive Ways to Get Reports and Information in Social Security and Workers Compensation Cases

VTLA Annual Tort Law Seminar
Practical Tips for Reducing Workers’ Compensation Liens
May 2002, Norfolk, Richmond, Roanoke and Fairfax, VA

VTLA Annual Paralegal Seminar, speaker
Liens: Unraveling the Maze
December 2002, Richmond, VA

Virginia Workers Compensation Commission (VWCC) 5th Annual Seminar, presenter and panelist, Working with the Commission
September, 2002, Richmond, VA


Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (VTLA), Fall Fiesta Workers Compensation Program
Co-presenter with D. McNamara
Permanent Total Disability: The Exception to the Rules
Richmond, VA


VTLA Fall Fiesta, Workers Compensation Section, Presenter
Keep the liens from eating up the recovery and landing you in an ethical minefield: Medicare, ERISA, & 714 fees


VTLA Fall Fiesta, Presenter and panelist, SOCIAL SECURITY SECTION


Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA), Annual Convention, Speaker
Unsafe At Any Speed…Airport Ground Transportation Cases
Washington, D.C.


VTLA “Try It, You’ll Like It: Trial of the Automobile Personal Injury Case” Presenter MOTIONS IN LIMINE – Excluding the Poisonous and the Irrelevant