Comments from our clients

July, 2014 – I have NOT used Doug Landau as an attorney, I however, know or have met him. He and his staff are totally AMAZING and I am told by people in law in other states that he is one of the BEST if not THE BEST in Virginia!

August 2013 – Testimonial provided on Mr. Landau’s Avvo listing:

“Mr. Landau uses his personal and professional strengths to the benefit of his clients with outstanding results.

The Workers Compensation system is very confusing and overwhelming. Mr. Landau did an exceptional job of educating me about the system, managing my expectations, explaining the “rules of the game” and preparing me for every step of the process. This empowered me to make positive decisions that will impact both my long and short term health and welfare and rebuild my life.

Mr. Landau’s education is not limited to the art and science of the law. His formal education in anatomy and physiology gives him a distinct advantage in dealing with injured clients, members of the medical community and insurance carriers. This unusual educational combination allows him to build a strategy that results in successful outcomes for his clients.

Mr. Landau has a sterling reputation among his peers and is respected by judges and other professionals in the industry. He is a trusted attorney who spends significant time training judges
on the precise nature of the law regarding Workers Compensation injuries.

On a personal level, I appreciate that Mr. Landau is a man of integrity. I paid a fair price for his services. I respect that he understands the importance of nurturing his relationships with his family and his staff. I admire that he remembers that part of his success is directly related to the support of his local community. He donates both time and money to the education of children who ride bicycles by evangelizing the value of wearing helmets and donating helmets to those in need.

Finally – he’s a pretty funny guy.”

January 2013 – An email of thanks from a grateful client: 

“Dear Ms. Tanzi, this is to acknowledge the receipt of the check you have sent as settlement to  my claims from the injury with regard to severe car crash on March 18, 2011. I received it last Friday afternoon. Thank you once again for the profound service you and everyone have rendered in my behalf. God bless and more power for this year 2013. ”

January 2013 –  Abrams Landau Bookkeeper, Melissa Landau, was told on the phone by a bill collector that Abrams Landau clients are VERY lucky to have the Abrams Landau team on their side. 

The collector told Melissa that she is “tenacious (and that is used as a compliment) in pursuing bill payment on the clients’ behalf.”  Melissa’s response: “We pride ourselves on being a legal office that really works for its clients.”

April 2010 – “Good Morning, I greatly appreciate you dissolving my worries with the nurse constantly calling me. I’ve definitely gained a lot of knowledge about myself through this process, which I guess was needed.  I’ve learned the hard way that I’m way too nice and trusting.  Dealing with the insurance company has definitely opened my eyes about the real world.  I deeply regret not retaining you from the beginning. In any manner… I thank you, Angie.”