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Doug Landau and Madeira Science Instructor and friend Reyna Pratt at the McLean Virginia High School’s annual Science Fair, where lawyer Landau has been a judge for the excellent projects for over a decade!

Virginia lawyer Doug Landau has a soft spot in his heart for the students at The Madeira School in McLean, Virginia.  After all, his three daughters are graduates and his wife served on the Board as President of the Parents Association !

But that is only one reason Landau has enjoyed being a judge for the school’s Science Fair for the past ten + years. Another reason is the inspiration he derives from the students’ experiments and scientific literature presentations.  Landau always learns something new; the high standards of the Madeira School are evident in the depth and breadth of the exhibits and discussions.  The Herndon lawyer enjoys encouraging these young woman and future scientists to pursue their passion for medicine, math, physics, chemistry, astronomy, etc.

Another reason Landau enjoys volunteering at area science fairs is that, in addition to his law degree, the Herndon disability lawyer has a strong academic background in the sciences.  In fact, his knowledge of the medical sciences helps him every day as he talks to injured clients, treating physicians, and expert witnesses about the injuries that make it difficult for his clients to lead a normal life.  Doug uses his own interest and background in medicine to fully understand how an injury may impact a person’s life.  This makes Doug an excellent choice for a case involving anyone injured in a workplace incident, car or bike accident, airport or airline injury, dog bite attack, slip and fall accident, negligence case, defective product case, etc.  If you or someone you know has been injured due to no fault of your own and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).

Tall dogs, fuzzy dogs, dogs that fit into purses and all of them are called man’s best friend. Fortunately, that is true of most house dogs, but sometimes we are sadly reminded that dogs are animals and are not rational. For this reason insurance companies are charging higher rates to cover dogs or just not covering some breeds. The cost of coverage has gone up about 6.4 percent and dog incidents cover about 25% of home owner claims it is a substantial consideration for insurance companies. This is why many of them are not even covering certain breeds (rottweilers, dobermans, pittbulls, etc…) and dropping coverage on animals if they have any history of violence. One reason for the change in insurance practices is medical costs have risen and dog attacks can cause both physical and mental wounds which the victim should seek medical help them heal.

As stated by Doug Landau, an experienced attorney in canine attacks, In some car accidents, the injured plaintiff never sees the defendant trucker or hit and run motorist. But in dog attack cases, the innocent victim feels the teeth, claws and grabbing, sees the dog, hears the sounds of the attack, and can even smell and sometimes taste the dog’s saliva on her face. These are nightmarish experiences for anyone. The results the Landau Law Shop has had throughout the East Coast suggest that juries and judges take these harms and losses very seriously.

If you have questions regarding dog attacks please contact us at The Herndon Law Shop.

Other lawyers will sometimes refer to weak cases or those without merit as “dog cases.”  Previous posts have covered dog bites, animal attacks and even dog “knock down” injury cases.  Unrelated posts have discussed the very  serious consequences of premises liability cases where a slip and fall may have lead to back surgery, permaennt disability and scarring.  Having helped victims of dog attacks, those injured by dog bites and others needing back surgery as the result of slip and fall accidents, Doug Landau of the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU was intrigued by the Lawyers Weekly “Dog Law Trifecta.”

In addition to the reported dog custody case and homeowner’s association election of a canine, Lawyers Weekly Editor Paul Fletcher noted a case set for trial in Norfolk where the plaintiff claimed to have been injured by poop at a Newport News PetSmart store.  The federal lawsuit alleged (more…)

It does not matter who is behind the wheel, reasonable transportation expenses are reimbursed by the Virginia Workers Compensation Insurance Companies when such travel is in connection with medical care that satisfies the “three Rs” (Reasonable, Related and by Referral).  A call to the Herndon law Firm ABRAMS LANDAU repeated this often heard question.  In order to be reimbursed for trips to the doctor, physical therapist, hospital, radiologist, etc., it does not matter if:

  • Your daughter, son, wife or parents drove you,
  • You took a cab because you could not drive,
  • An old friend gave you a lift in his vintage mustang,
  • You hopped the local bus (or two) and then the Metro,
  • A car service was required because there is no public transit nearby,
  • The Medical services building charges you for parking,
  • There are toll roads along the way to the therapist’s office,

As long as you have the receipts for the taxi, bus, subway, parking, tolls and other travel related expenses.  If you go to a health care provider for treatment, then such expenditures may be covered under your Workers Compensation Award.  For use of your own car (whether or not you were driving, as many ABRAMS LANDAU client cannot drive themselves to their medical appointments because of the severity of their injuries), mapquest or the mileage on the odometer can be summated for payment.  In cases where the injured or disabled worker cannot drive and has no one to take them, cab fare or car service may be reasonable under the circumstances.  In some permanent total disability cases, the insurance companies have paid for car service, limousines and taxi cabs to shuttle our clients to their necessary medical appointments.  Bottom line: keep the receipts and good written records for full reimbursement !

Dog bites accounted for more than a third of all homeowner or renter policy liability claims last year, with an average claim of $24,840. Herndon dog attack lawyer Doug Landau has met with victims of dog attacks who could not be reimbursed for the harms caused by dangerous dogs because the defendants’ homeowners insurance company specifically excluded the injury causing dogs ! Canine attacks often cause permanent injury and scarring, both the physical and the emotional kind.

The Insurance Information Institute’s statistics were included in a recent piece in the AARP Bulletin.  Most companies will cover dog bites, but one free bite is all you get in Virginia. After that, your company may charge a higher premium or exclude your dog from coverage. Landau has seen policies where there is a specific exclusion (more…)

One major question that courts look at in determining whether to make social network information discoverable to the insurance defense lawyers is the inured victim website user’s expectation of privacy when that information was posted. Any “public” information that is accessible to any person who happens to click on your profile will almost certainly not be subject to any expectation of privacy, and will likely be discoverable. Even information that is only viewable by the users’ preselected “friends” can potentially lose this valuable expectation of privacy. Therefore, it would be wise for any injured car crash victim using these sites to maximize the privacy settings available to them.

If your social networking pages contain questionable comments, wall posts or photos, you should consider making your profile private to ALL viewers to minimize the risk that this information could be used against you in your injury, workplace accident or disability case.

Furthermore, you should NEVER put anything on these sites that discusses your lawsuit or any injuries (more…)

It might.  Not only is “Big Brother” watching, but the car accident and liability claims insurance companies are as well.  Online social networking websites, such as MySpace and Facebook, have grown exponentially over the last few years.  Facebook, in fact, has recently reported that over 500 million people use their service.  This phenomenon is certainly understandable.  These sites provide a great way to stay in touch with friends, meet new people, and share information with whole communities.  For someone who is involved in a lawsuit, however, there is a potentially catastrophic side to these sites that can quickly unravel even meritorious cases

A recent trend in many courts across the United States involves treating the information posted on these sites as discoverable material.  What this means, is that injured victims who are forced to file lawsuits seeking reimbursements for the harms and losses caused by the defendants’ negligence may be faced with a Court order forcing (more…)

Even in Boarding School there were students whose “illnesses” and requests for “excuse slips” seemed to correspond with major exams.  You may remember the classmate whose illnesses always happened to correspond to test days. There was nothing like an organic chemistry quiz to set his fever to suddenly spike his “symptoms.”  Their strategy goes like this: if you are not ready to face the test, simply crawl back into bed and perhaps take it on another day.

Granted, students with “testday-itis” could not put off the dreaded confrontation forever, but what happens when the habit carries over into adulthood ?  Not everyone is willing to take responsibility for his actions, but most stakes are higher than a math grade after weeks of not studying. For example, if you are injured in an car crash, you expect that the responsible party will be held accountable by the legal system. However, if the other driver decides not to show up on your injury case court date, the consequences (more…)

At the Landau Law Shop, proving wage loss is a component of most car accident  and permanent disability cases.  Showing a judge or jury that our client was and may still be disabled is accomplished though the medical records and testimony of health care providers.  However, proving loss of earnings in a car crash, dog attack, slip and fall or bike accident case usually requires proof as to pre-injury wages.  If an injured car crash victim has switched jobs, been laid off, lost their W-2s, cannot find their tax returns, misplaced their pay stubs, or was paid via “direct deposit,” they may not have the documentary evidence to support claims of wage loss and earnings capacity.

So how does the personal injury trial team at Abrams Landau prove past earnings history for clients without all of the typical documentary evidence mentioned above ? (more…)

Until the judge enters the “Final Order,” a personal injury jury trial is not over.  And, Virginia law gives the trial judge the power to enter and Order of Additur or Remittitur.  Even after a jury’s verdict in a car crash, dog bite or slip and fall accident case, the trial judge in the Commonwealth of Virginia can change the amount though what are known as “Additur” and “Remittitur.”  Abrams Landau won a recent car accident jury trial where the insurance defense lawyers are seeking to reduce the jury’s verdict by requesting Remittitur by the Alexandria Circuit Court Judge.  This may seem like a surprising amount of power the judge has—after all, if the judge has the power to change the verdict, why have the jury !  The ability to reduce (Remittitur) or increase (Additur) a jury’s verdict is not be used in every case, and, in some instances, prevents costly and time consuming appeals.  Some things to remember about Additur and Remittitur in Virginia:

  • First, the judge can only adjust the dollar amount when it is (more…)
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