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Doug Landau and Madeira Science Instructor and friend Reyna Pratt at the McLean Virginia High School’s annual Science Fair, where lawyer Landau has been a judge for the excellent projects for over a decade!

Virginia lawyer Doug Landau has a soft spot in his heart for the students at The Madeira School in McLean, Virginia.  After all, his three daughters are graduates and his wife served on the Board as President of the Parents Association !

But that is only one reason Landau has enjoyed being a judge for the school’s Science Fair for the past ten + years. Another reason is the inspiration he derives from the students’ experiments and scientific literature presentations.  Landau always learns something new; the high standards of the Madeira School are evident in the depth and breadth of the exhibits and discussions.  The Herndon lawyer enjoys encouraging these young woman and future scientists to pursue their passion for medicine, math, physics, chemistry, astronomy, etc.

Another reason Landau enjoys volunteering at area science fairs is that, in addition to his law degree, the Herndon disability lawyer has a strong academic background in the sciences.  In fact, his knowledge of the medical sciences helps him every day as he talks to injured clients, treating physicians, and expert witnesses about the injuries that make it difficult for his clients to lead a normal life.  Doug uses his own interest and background in medicine to fully understand how an injury may impact a person’s life.  This makes Doug an excellent choice for a case involving anyone injured in a workplace incident, car or bike accident, airport or airline injury, dog bite attack, slip and fall accident, negligence case, defective product case, etc.  If you or someone you know has been injured due to no fault of your own and there are questions as to what laws apply, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).

As many Abrams Landau clients know, Herndon trial lawyer Doug Landau is not a coffee drinker.  Since his grandfather Landau came from the United Kingdom, Doug’s tastes lean British — hot or iced, tea is his beverage of choice.  Visitors to the Law Shop will often hear a pot on the boil, a cheap viagra canada habit he go into while working for the Solicitors firm of Robin Thompson & Partners in London.

That is why a recall notice for a tea kettle caught Doug’s attention.

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A black enamel tea kettle sold by Wilton Industries and sold exclusively at Target has been voluntarily recalled (more…)

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) was created in 1972 with the purpose of protecting those in the USA “against unreasonable risks of injuries associated with consumer products.”  So it is sad to see Perfect Fitness try to hide a defective product for years from the CPSC, which could have created a more streamlined solution for customers.
In August Perfect Fitness was required to pay a civil penalty of $425,000.  The fine comes from their product Perfect Pullup, where in June 2008 the company discovered there was a defect in the handles.  In July 2008 they did issue a redesign to fix the problem but did not inform the CPSC.  The company waited until December 2010 at which point it was too late to claim ignorance and the CPSC was forced to take action.

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Bridgeway International has voluntarily recalled its product “NEXT”-branded men’s 26-inch hybrid bicycles, a hybrid bicycle. The recall is voluntary and will effect about 91,000 bicycles.  If you own one of these bikes or think you do please STOP USE IMMEDIATELY to confirm and then contact the company for a free repair.  The defect is in the chain of the bike and it could break without warning resulting in injury.  There have been 11 incidents, 9 of which ended in injury.  These bikes where sold from Walmart between February and July of this year.

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Motor-cross is a muddy hobby with some really cool safety gear.  Air-brushed helmets and matching styled boots and suit look great and keep you safe, but the less glamorous side is making sure your bike is running at peak performance.  Besides going to the mechanic making sure to stay up to date on equipment news is just as important.  Such as, on September 8th a voluntary recall was announced by KTM North America for some of its’ off-road sport bikes. Approximately 6,117 units are effected and if you suspect you are an owner of a defective unit discontinue use and check the US. Consumer Product Safety Commissions’ Report to verify.  The defect is in the piece which secures the handlebars to the bike.  Cracks can develop from regular use resulting in the handlebars slipping which can cause the rider to loose control.

For more information you can read this article by NPR.  If you have any legal question concerning recalls or bike injuries please respond to this post or contact us at The Herndon Law Shop or (703) 796-9555.

Weehoo iGo Bicycle Pedal Trailers

Weehoo iGo Bicycle Pedal Trailers

On September 13 Weehoo announced a recall of one of its products, an attachable children’s seat for a bicycle called the “Weehoo iGo Bicycle Pedal Trailers”.  Fortunately, there have been no major injures and any owner of the product can contact the manufacture (800-538-6950 or Weehoo’s Website)for the repair piece, but please discontinue use immediately.  Also, report any injuries sustained if you have experienced a failure in the product as described in the recall report.  This decision was voluntarily made by the company after it was discovered that one of the connecting pieces could crack and break from the bicycle which could result in harm to the child.

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Reston Triathlon volunteer Doug Landau checking helmet safety before tomorrow's annual race at South Lakes High School

Reston Triathlon volunteer Doug Landau checking helmet safety before tomorrow's race at South Lakes High School

If you pick a fight with race directors or volunteers when they try to protect you from head trauma or brain injury.

“Not every Triathlon or multisport competition takes the time to inspect helmets, but when they do, it is for the athletes’ safety.  When a triathlete, duathlete or bike racer competes with an unsafe, cracked, delaminating or outdated helmet, they are ‘Voluntarily assuming the risk of harm,’ adds All American Triathlete Landau, whose “Law Shop” regularly helps injured victims of other peoples’ unsafe conduct.

Under Virginia law, “Assumption of Risk”  in and of itself may preclude any reimbursement for losses caused by (more…)

Having just settled a case for a grocery store worker who lost two fingers to a motorized cutting blade at work, Herndon injury lawyer Doug Landau has helped many workers injured due to the lack of protective guards on saws.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) estimates there are an average of about 10 finger amputations a day, just from table saws used by consumers.  “The safety of table saws needs to be improved in a way that prevents school children in shop class and woodworkers from suffering these life-altering injuries,” CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum told USA TODAY.

The head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission will call in the power-tool industry and the safety standards group to find out why more hasn’t been done to address the problem.  The CPSC estimates the cost to society of saw-related injuries is about $2 billion a year. (The industry has contested that figure in lawsuits.)  The companies face hundreds of lawsuits over injuries and at least 50 legal claims that a product called SawStop could have prevented the injuries. Last March, a jury awarded $1.5 million to a man who injured his fingers on a saw after plaintiff lawyers argued SawStop would have saved his hand.  If you or someone you care for has had fingers amputated or suffered injury as the result of a power saw accident, contact an experienced lawyer at once.  There are strict legal time limits to these claims, and valuable rights may be lost if the claim and its investigation are delayed.

Saw injuries can be devastating, permanent and disabling.  For those who use circular saws, table saws, mitre saws and other dangerous power tools, the Power Tool Institute (“PTI”) has safety presentations that can be viewed online – click here. The safety demonstrations, available, at no charge, in English or Spanish, are:

  • “Power Tool Accidents — They Can Be Prevented,”
  • “Circular Saw Safety,”
  • “Table Saw Safety” and
  • “Miter Saw Safety”

Click here for the PTI video site.

Having seen countless finger amputation cases, grocery store hand and digit lacerations and workplace degloving injuries, workers comp and disability lawyer Doug Landau of the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU hopes that these saw safety films will help prevent future power tool injuries at work and at home. Small companies might want to make use of these workplace safety videos in order to reduce worker injury and time loss. According to the staff at the Landau Law Shop, newer workers especially seem to encounter a greater number of permanent injuries during their first weeks on the job. Showing safety films such as those produced by the Power Tool Institute may help rookie employees in the construction and crafts trades avoid unnecessary and foreseeable injury

The Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. is bombarded by solicitations from companies wanting the Virginia “Law Shop” to borrow money to finance litigation. While the Landau Law Shop once looked into assistance financing an international catastrophic cycle crash paralysis case that wound up going all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, the personal injury team decided against doing so due to a variety of reasons. One reason was the high rate of interest.  Another was the fact that neither the client nor counsel had any personal relationship with the potential lenders. And, lastly, Landau had heard too many “horror stories” of situations where things did not work out where the injured victim’s interests in the litigation had been mortaged. The New York Times took a detailed look at (more…)

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